Sleek Bathroom Remodeling for Your Home

Is your bathroom starting to feel a little cramped and tired?
It’s time to give your home the upgrade it deserves, with a gorgeous, modern bathroom fit for any king or queen.
Bathroom King has spent 20 years of dedicated service learning the greatest building techniques, utilising the best materials, and studying the most innovative designs for creating incredible bathrooms you won’t see from any of our competitors.

Want a Fresh, Modern Look? Go for Minimalist Design

The industry favorite these days is minimalist style, highlighting neutral tones, shiny metallics, and simple decor pieces that can make a statement without being too flashy.
Bathroom King can offer a variety of innovative designs suited to fit this template, prepared to adjust to your own style and make your powder room your own.
Create a doorless shower design for an open, airy feel that will make your bathroom appear larger. Accentuate it with an adjacent integrated sink, lying atop some dark wood, flat-paneled drawers to make your space look like a high-end spa retreat.
Or fashion together a luxurious, shiny bathroom full of white cabinets, marble vanity countertops, large mirrors, and bright lighting to give your restroom a lavish, inviting atmosphere.

We Work with Any Size Budget, Large or Small

When you’re making decisions regarding your new space, make sure you know your space limitations, the cost of materials you want to use, and the general remodeling costs you have at your disposal before sticking to a major project.
Ordinarily, most layout and storage options are fairly common. Therefore, choosing interesting materials is essential for sprucing up any minimalist bathroom project to make it stand out against the rest.
Stunning tilework provides you with a vast array of colours and styles to choose from, making it a trendy flooring option these days. Meanwhile, mosaic tiles are becoming more popular in shower stalls. However, since grout work can be difficult to keep clean, opting for stone or granite can make for wonderful shower alternatives.

We here at Bathroom King have optimised our techniques to bring the best, future-oriented business models to every home we work on.

If you simply can’t go without some essence of quirky personal style, incorporating a modern tile backsplash or a color in your countertop can enrich a potentially boring bathroom.
Finally, it’s important that you don’t forget your fittings. Drawer handles, toilet paper holders, and even shower and taps are now offered in many different finishes, giving you the opportunity to infuse even more personal finishing touches to your space.
Once you get to decor selection, it helps to style your fixtures in similar tones to your individual decor pieces. For instance, try matching your soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and waste baskets for an overall cohesive look.
If you have any extra wall space or need more countertop ideas, adding in some relevant artwork or emphasising some candleholders next to your sink can highlight your decorative touch.
Throw in some cozy bath mats in suitable colors and styles, and keep plenty of toiletries on hand in an extra corner storage unit.
Ideas for bathroom remodeling are endless these days, so don’t feel as though you have to stick to one style or arrangement.