Ample Storage is Key to Laundry Bliss
The laundry room of any home is in constant use, especially if the household is full of little ones who like to make a big mess.
It’s a constant beehive of activity, with loads upon loads of laundry cycling through the space on a weekly basis. Thus, it’s no wonder a laundry room gets worn down so quickly, as the wear and tear of such consistent behavior will indelibly leave its mark after a while.
We understand that the limited space of most laundry rooms makes remodeling more complicated. However, we aim to use the space given to make it as attractive and functional as possible.
Needing extra storage space is the bane of every homeowner’s existence. There never seems to be enough and the more material things that land in your possession over the years, the less ample your storage space gets.

Let Bathroom King transform your laundry room into a bright, attractive, functional space.

Laundry rooms are no different, as you need all the space you can for conducting your washing needs. Spots need to be scrubbed, certain clothing materials need special treatment, work clothing needs to be ironed and hanged appropriately to prevent wrinkles, etc.
These necessities shouldn’t be out of your reach. And they won’t have to be ever again after you contact Bathroom King to renovate your laundry space.
We can build custom cabinetry to hold all of your washing and drying solutions, areas to store clothing that still need to be hemmed or fixed, open cupboard space for hanging undergarments to dry, and so much more
Storage solutions is our game, and we always come ready to play. Give Bathroom King a chance to overhaul your current laundry room, and renovate it into the cleaning space you’ve always wanted. Being a busy room, most laundry nooks are barely able to hold more than one or two people at a time, let alone a myriad of clothing and cleaning products.
Well, thankfully, the appliance industry is also aware of this burden, creating stackable appliances that work well in any size laundry room. Bathroom King can provide these, plus other amenities needed to enhance the room.
We can create vertical storage solutions, adjustable counter lengths, and add decorative style that’s functional as well as fashionable.
If you’re a family who loves to iron, we can even include an ironing board that folds away when not in use.

We Handle Even the Smallest of Spaces

Using every square foot of space in a creative way is our goal and we intend to dazzle you with our ability to make smart choices for every situation we come across. Bathroom King are a team of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in their craft, adding a fresh perspective to your home; elevating the quality of your day to day life to levels you never imagined. And we do it all with style and flair, giving our customers the best of all worlds

Tips for First-Time Bathroom Renovators

Renovations need not be costly or burdensome to your pocket.
Making constructive decisions, choosing the right materials and hardware for the right price, and finding ways to upgrade a space in a cost-effective manner are all part of Bathroom King’s creative process.
Trust us to fulfill your laundry room needs without blowing the budget or sacrificing on modern design. There’s always a solution to every renovation problem, and we intend to find (and solve) each and every one for our customers.
If you’re in the market for sprucing up your tired and dull laundry space, contacting Bathroom King in Mosman should be your first step.
We strive to exceed all expectations, and aim for a quality of excellence in our business that continues to go unmatched anywhere else.