Kitchen Renovation

Don’t spend another morning wandering into your kitchen for a steaming cup of coffee, only to be reminded of the dull kitchen, outdated state of your current kitchen.
We want to help you achieve the kitchen you deserve now, from sleek new countertops to custom cabinetry.
Whether you’re looking to undergo a massive project and get a complete kitchen remodel, or you want to take it step-by-step to preserve your budget, our innovative team is capable of anything.
Endless designs are at your disposal, and a variety of colors, textures and materials are available to suit your needs as well as keep you within your financial means.
So the only question is — what are you waiting for? Give you and your family the epic kitchen you would be thrilled to live in, day in and day out.

Transform Your Cabinetry into Something Truly Unique

Some people want a monochromatic style, with elegant black and white decor that represents a classic, simple motif.
Others want vibrant, intense colors that stand out against all other rooms, with decor pieces that are individual to each other to create a true work of art unto itself.
The Bathroom King team is happy to share our ideas for your space. However, we want to work with you directly to bring your vision to life, as we would never want to compromise your personal taste.
For a light overhaul, let us spruce up your existing cabinets with a fresh color to brighten up your busiest space. There’s no need for sanding, stripping, or even priming to give your kitchen a whole new look.
But, if you’re excited by the prospect of a stunning new space to entertain your friends, share Sunday morning breakfast with the kids, or show off your brilliant cooking skills, then the Bathroom King is ready for your call.
We’re here to offer full renovations that will leave you breathless, complete with fine-crafted new cabinets for ample storage space and modern hardware that can transform the hub of your home.

Here at Bathroom King, we’ve taken great pride in giving our customers upgraded, top-of-the-line kitchens to fit their needs and their personality for over 20 years.

Don’t Be the Only House on the Block With Dated Countertops

Marble, quartz, caesarstone, granite: these are the fresh new faces of kitchen countertops, and they’ll make a fine addition to your contemporary new cooking space.
Marble countertops have been all the rage for years now, gracing the majority of interior designer’s portfolios the world over. While they are certainly trendy, they aren’t any less magnificent because of it. They truly add sleek and shine to your space, making for easy cleanup and decorative pattern without even needing to add extra decor.
Quartz is almost the stylish, classy cousin of marble, becoming more popular in homes that value all-white kitchen styles. It’s simple in its entirety, but once up close, its delicate lines of sparkle catch add the dazzle and pizzazz every new kitchen owner would be happy to own.

Finally Let Out Your Inner Chef

Showing off your expert cooking skills is far less effective in a kitchen not fitting of a true professional. Bathroom King can give you the chef’s kitchen of your dreams, stocked with stainless steel appliances, an overly-large range essential for multiple pots and pans, and a vast amount of counter space necessary to pull together that perfect meal.
We can elevate the space with a gorgeous tile backsplash, creating a focal point in the room that ties everything in the room together. No matter what your style, we have the materials necessary to form a stunning, professional-grade cooking space.
Since kitchens are generally the centerpoint of any household, giving the room an essential makeover is vital to modernising your home and making it your own.