Our process means your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

A question our clients ask us is, “So, what’s the next step?”
Think of us as more than your contractor and designer. We’re your remodeling and custom home building tour guide who helps you navigate through the unfamiliar waters of home renovation and remodeling, and keeps you informed every step of the way. The following is an overview of our process and how we coordinate chaos to ensure a smooth project from start to finish:


We’re happy to start your journey with us in whatever way that works best for you, but we want to get to know you on a personal level. We’re going to be creating a new space for you and your family, so we want you to feel apart of our process from the beginning. Typically, our process begins with a phone consultation where we get to hear all about your needs, wants and desires.
Then we visit your home to listen to your brief and understand your vision, needs and budget. This enables us to prepare a detailed, itemised quote for your review.


We commence the planning stage – it’s busy but it’s fun! We work in partnership with you to plan custom cabinetry and source fittings, accessories, tiles and appliances to bring your vision alive. We also finalise costings and organise an initial deposit.
After finalizing all the details and making sure our plans are just the way you envisioned them, we will assemble a team of trusted subcontractors to work on your project. We will walk them through the job-site with plans and a written scope of work, and coordinate all the labor details needed to complete building your space.


The troops arrive! Our team of highly skilled, fully licensed and insured tradespeople commence construction of your new dream space. We manage the workmanship, quality control and costs from start to finish.
Our Project Manager coordinates all of the moving parts. He establishes a building schedule, provides you with daily progress reports and oversees your job. The day-to-day progression unfolds in front of you; our knowledgeable team brings your drawings and dreams to life.